Lawrence by Instalight

I enjoy romantic walks under the moonlight as much as anyone, but being distinctively single, I’ve been going for walks alone, perhaps hoping for a random encounter with a beautiful woman.  Here are some photos I’ve taken along the way, all made pretty via Instagram.


IMG_0889A view of 10th and Mass from the top of the parking garage downtown.  Later there will be a drunken mob wandering about, looking for love.  Perhaps they’ll find it under the tarps at The Replay (in the foreground).

IMG_0947Liberty Hall–temple of the film nerds.  Seriously, the Film Church series is super-cool.  It’s too bad I have to work on Sundays right now.

IMG_0950La Prima Taza.  Next door to Liberty Hall and Free State Brewing Company.  You can sit outside and enjoy the view of Starbucks across the street.

IMG_1029A bicyclist in front of The Bottleneck.  Maybe he’s on his way to meet his girlfriend for a game of pool.  I don’t go to The Bottleneck much anymore, but there were some great bands that came through in the ’90’s.

IMG_0805A silhouette of a trumpet player outside of The Jazzhaus.  Looks like he’s playing the blues because of a broken heart.  His woman probably did him wrong.  But you know how Jazz musicians are.  She had an excuse.

544123_10151617212109224_775861584_nHarbour Lights.  If I could get paid for sitting in a bar drinking beer, I’d be making a good living right now because of this place.