Lawrence Cemeteries: Haskell Children’s Cemetery

Haskell Indian Nations University opened in 1884 as a boarding school for Native Americans.  Due to poor conditions, many of those in attendance died and were buried at the southeast end of campus.

There is a marker just outside the cemetery that reads: “The Haskell Cemetery has approximately 100 students buried here.  The child’s name, tribal affiliation, date of birth and death are engraved on their headstones.  Some causes of death were listed as consumption (Tuberculosis), pneumonia, accidental death, typhoid-malaria, heart and kidney problems.  The earliest burial was 1885 and the last burial was 1943.  Please, be respectful of the offerings left on the headstones.”

Legend has it that the cemetery at Haskell is haunted, that you can hear the children buried there cry after dark.

As for me, I went during the day.