Photos of Coffee

“They say in the spring a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.  Perhaps if he has enough time left over, his fancy can even make room for a cup of coffee.”  –Richard Brautigan, “Coffee”

People on Instagram take photos of a great many things.  Some people take selfies, some people love airplane wings and seem to book flights just to take photos of them, some people take photos of lovely sunsets or streams flowing through wooded areas you could look at forever, some people are fascinated by manicured elaborately painted fingernails or beauty products, some people endlessly take photos of food so they can relive every meal and savor the memory.  Looking through my Instagram account, I don’t take many photos of food, but I can’t help but notice several photos of coffee.  I decided to compile my favorites here.


This is from La Prima Tazza several months ago.  One of my favorite coffee shops in Lawrence, KS.



This summer I enjoyed this cup of coffee from The Merc at Centennial Park just off 9th and Iowa.



A cup of coffee after breakfast at Milton’s is the perfect start to your day.



Coffee at The Bourgeois Pig.  Watching the world go by.



Reading over a cup of coffee at Aimee’s.



Late-night coffee at my apartment after drinking too much at The Replay.



A coffee from Starbucks at Target I drank myself but which was a virtual Instagram coffee I bought for my friend Miljana.



Coffee from Parisi at Union Station in Kansas City.



Just wanted to show off my cool Wonder Woman mug.



The Bourgeois Pig again.  This time with a real mug rather than a to go cup.


Processed with VSCOcam with p8 preset

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold November day.  At La Prima Tazza.